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About the Study

The Study of Spirituality in the United States is a qualitative and quantitative inquiry into how people—of all spiritual and religious backgrounds—from across the country describe their spirituality. Through illuminating personal stories and survey data, the study reveals how the spiritual dimension of our nature informs our understanding of ourselves and each other. This study seeks to build on existing spirituality research by reflecting how people understand spirituality and live spiritual lives in their own words, and exploring the relationship—and perceptions of the relationship—between spirituality and public engagement.


Who can I interview about this research? Advisors, reviewers, and Fetzer staff are available for an interview, schedules permitting. Please contact us at for staff inquiries and for all other media inquiries.

Why did the Fetzer Institute fund this research? For Fetzer, spirituality is a central, vital, and unifying force for promoting the positive flourishing of both individuals and society. Because of this core conviction, we have a longstanding commitment to supporting research that deepens our understanding of spirituality and how—if cultivated and engaged—it can animate concrete and positive change. 

In addition, rigorous independent research is a significant part of the Fetzer Institute legacy. This study on what spirituality means to us today extends this legacy significantly. It will help us all to better understand the human world in which we live and, importantly, it lays a base that can help to guide our strategies to transform our shared world into one that welcomes and supports us all.

Can I reproduce the images and charts on this site in my reporting? All data and charts are available for reproduction with appropriate citation (as noted in the report with each chart), and all other content from the report is available for use with this citation:

Fetzer Institute, September 2020, “Study of Spirituality in the United States.”

For Media Inquiries

Contact: Shannon Craig Straw, West End Strategy Team, 202-674-5921,